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cheats: The SAGA of VIGA GLUM - an ancient Norse Saga - BBC4 "The Viking Sagas"

The SAGA of VIGA GLUM - an ancient Norse Saga - BBC4 "The Viking Sagas"

The Sagas, of which this tale is one, were composed for the men who have left their mark in every corner of Europe. There is no page of modern history in which the influence of the Vikings and their conquests have not had an effect--Russia, Constantinople, Greece, Palestine, Sicily, the coasts of Africa, Southern Italy, France, the Spanish Peninsula, England, Scotland, Ireland, and every rock and island round them, have been visited at one time or another by the men of Scandinavia, and their influence is still being felt today.

This saga paints a picture of Icelandic society. But the society presented is not one of pastoral simplicity and repose. The actors within were real men and women and the events portrayed actually occurred - for this is a true story.

Bloodshed and violence are common and Viga-Glum, or "Murdering Glum," the hero of this story, is not by any means a perfect character, even when measured by the standards of the time in which he lived. A time when a man's standing in the community was dictated by courage and his wealth, the author tells us that for twenty years he was the first man in Eyjafirth, and for twenty years more there was no better man there.

Viga-Glum is described as one who was naturally indolent, shy, and moody; but when he could be brought to act, his courage and determination were indomitable. When he had to achieve a purpose he was thoroughly unscrupulous; neither blood nor false oaths stood in his way - just what one would expect from a Viking. The finishing touch to this part of his character is added by the peculiarity, that whenever he was intent on slaying a man, he was apt to be seized with a fit of uncontrollable laughter which ended in tears.

So join us in this ancient tale of love, lust, honour, murder, Beserkers, romance and damsels in distress.

33% of the publisher's profit from the sale of this book will be donated to UNICEF

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cheats: The Saga of Burnt Njal - an Ancient Norse Saga - BBC 4's "The Viking Sagas"

The Saga of Burnt Njal - an Ancient Norse Saga - BBC 4's "The Viking Sagas"

What is a Saga? A Saga is a story, or telling in prose, sometimes mixed with verse. There are many kinds of Sagas with varying degrees of truth. There are the mythical Sagas, the historical Sagas of the kings of Norway, and then there are Sagas relating to Iceland narrating the lives, the feuds and the ends of mighty chiefs who dwelt in the districts of the island. These were told by men who lived on the very spot, and told with an exactness as to time and place. The Saga of Njal is one of these.

Of all the Sagas relating to Iceland, this tragic story bears away the palm for truthfulness and beauty. To use the words of one well qualified to judge, it is, when compared with all similarĂ‚ compositions, as gold to brass.

In this Saga we learn of the sad story of Njal's fate, Gunnar's peerlessness and Hallgerda's infamy, of Bergthora's helpfulness, of Skarphedinn's hastiness, of Flosi's foul deed, and Kari's stern revenge.

To tell a story truthfully was what was looked for from all men in those days; but to tell it properly and gracefully, and to clothe the facts in fitting diction, was given to few, and of those few the Saga-teller who first threw Njal into its present shape, was one of the first and foremost. As for truthfulness, there are many other Sagas relating to the same period in which the actors in our Saga are mentioned by name and in which their deeds are corroborated. But, of all the Sagas, none were so interesting as Njal, whether as regarding the length of the story, the number of ranking chiefs who appeared in it as actors and the graphic way in which the tragic tale is told.

33% of the publisher's profit from the sale of this book will be donated to UNICEF

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To see all the Norse sagas and books which relate to the BBC4 series "The Viking Sagas" go to

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cheats: Sto Cheats - How To Cheat Sto

Sto Cheats - How To Cheat Sto

Ever since STO was launched to the general public, dozens of people have been wanting to learn how to cheat the damn game! We all have our reasons for wanting to learn how to cheat STO, but If you're looking for some good, decent star trek guides on how to cheat STO, you will most likely have heard of STO Mastery. This guide has been much talked about lately in various Star Trek Online forums, and many people have been wanting to get their hands on this damn guide. I have personally taken the liberty to purchase STO Mastery myself, and see for myself what it REALLY has to offer. Here is what I have to say, the honest truth about this famous "STO Mastery" guide. Does it live up to its claims?

There aren't many good STO cheat guides out there. Most of them only go through simple workarounds, and the stuff you already know, and don't really teach you how to actually exploit the game.

As with many online products, the first thing we assume is "scam".

It's hard to trust pretty much anything you see online. I had those same initial doubts too, however, desperation got the best of me. Seeing as STO Mastery only cost $ 29.99, it seemed like I didn't have much to lose. Also, considering the site had a 30 day money back guarantee, I thought why not.

Although I had my doubts, I was happy to find that it was an actual REAL product. I guess that sort of eased the tension a bit. I have honestly never bought any product, or strategy guide in this case, online, so I'm sure you can probably understand my apprehension here. I'm sure anyone who has never bought anything online before will understand me.

After purchasing, I was sent to a download page where I was able to download the STO Mastery guide, which is an eBook - short for electronic book, which you can view on your computer using Adobe Reader immediately, so that's exactly what I did.

I downloaded the eBook straight to my computer and without delay I started reading the book, hoping that it would be worth the money I paid for it, and all I can say is, despite my initial skepticism, I am honestly happy with my purchase. I have no regrets whatsoever, and I'm glad to report that the site does follow through on its claims and promises.

With STO Mastery, I had the privilege to learn how to pretty much conquer Star Trek Online. The guide is exceptionally easy to follow and has clear instructions that anyone can understand. The most valuable thing I have learnt from this guide would probably have to be how to cut down leveling time in half and level alot faster. The STO leveling guide was pretty much all I was after, but I'd have to say the career guide, professions guide, traits guide, ships guide, skills guide, and all the other guides that were included were very helpful too.

So, with all that said, let me be the first to say this; I am exceedingly happy with my decision to buy this guide, and I hope this review helps you make a decision too! It would've been better if it was a little cheaper, but I still feel it was well worth the price for me.

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Move, move, if you wanna, if you wanna.

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cheats: Mafia Wars Cheats Facebook

Mafia Wars Cheats Facebook

A lot of users of social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, or tagged are using online web browser games like Mafia wars to communicate with their chums and family around the globe.

This game has accomplished to take off on Facebook and now has millions of members playing it. Just like other general web hosted games many will search the internet for Facebook mafia wars cheats and other tips to advance quicker through the game and beat their opponents. Most will folks to devoted fan sites of Facebook games or the tons of forums that contain to search for tips and methods that might give them an 'edge' over their partners but you will find that the majority of these tips are unfashionable or tactics employed by knobs that never truly exertion at all. What you really need is confirmed systems and tactics from professionals and top flight players on this game. These game players know all the tactics that help them get in front of the pack and permit them to start dominating all that try and compete with them. So where do you find this information? What you want to go searching for is Mafia wars guides that comprise tons of step-by-step strategies to growing your mob, accumulating godfather points rapidly, becoming rich fast. These help guides will show you the best systems of structure wealth quickly, what sort of properties to buy, the best methods to completing jobs earlier, and how to best use godfather points to complete more hits for money. You may also learn some tips on how to grow your mob in hours with systems which will automate the conscription procedure to growing your mob. If you don't want to apply lot of time emailing and sending requests to folks to join up then this Facebook mafia wars cheats is a must! The people that own these guides have succeeded to sign up over 500 folk to join crew on their first day of playing mafia wars! I know players that have managed to accumulate millions of dollars within days of starting simply but applying plans the high class players are using to reign over mafia wars. if you don't enjoy spending days making an effort to grow your mob or play aimlessly not knowing what you are really doing then you need to download one of these help guides to give you the inside successively on how to rule mafia wars. To get one of these manuals go to - Facebook Mafia Wars cheats. .
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cheats: Eve Billionare Review ? No Hacks or Cheat Codes Here!

Eve Billionare Review ? No Hacks or Cheat Codes Here!

There is no doubt that Eve Online is not only a unique PVP game but that it is one of the most exciting and fun online communities that has ever been created. With so much to see and do and learn in this game it never becomes boring. That is, it never becomes boring if you actually know how to make ISK.

While Eve Online can be a lot of fun and exciting when you're actually doing the stuff that you enjoy it can be a real drag if you don't have the ISK to do the things that you want to do. Just like in life, it can be a lot of fun until you are forced to do boring, monotonous tasks to make enough money to do the things that you really want to do.

After all, if my idea of fun was spending hours mining ore I would have taken up watching my screensaverĂ¢€¦and not even a cool one. Sure there are times when you don't mind it and you understand that it is all a part of the game but it sure can be a drag to have to have a job even inside Eve.

There are several solutions to this problem. One will get you booted or banned from Eve Online if you get caught and that is buying ISK from ISK sellers.

The other is to learn some of the tricks inside Eve Billionaire.

It really is pretty much a no brainer and this book or the contents of this book is one of the better kept secrets to making tons of ISK so you never have to worry about money ever again. There is nothing illegal about it. These aren't hacks or cheat codes that are going to get you banned and it is all actually pretty easy to do once you understand how these methods work and how you can make them work for you.

It doesn't matter if you're a newbie or if you've been playing Eve forever.

You can benefit from this information and you are guaranteed to learn how to make more ISK than you dreamed of with Eve Billionaire.

One of the really cool things about Eve Billionaire is all the additional books, information and updates that go along with this system. These guys have really outdone themselves and you are covered from A to Z if you are thinking that you really want to get into this game or if you want to bring your game to the next level. Eve Billionaire definitely takes all the guesswork out of the most painstaking part of playing Eve Online and make it fun and exciting for you when all the monetary restrictions are removed

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